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Chambers of Commerce and Development Offices Links
Chambers of Commerce and Development Offices Links
Putnam County Chamber of Commerce
The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1979 and now has approximately 550 members. The Chamber is a 501 (c) (6) private independent non-profit organization supported entirely by its members. It is not a governmental agency and does not receive outside funding. Member dues are not a charitable donation, but a good business investment. 97% of your dues are tax deductible as a business expense.
Putnam County Commission
The Putnam County Commission Portal, including links to the Chamber of Commerce, Municipalities, County Directory, Commission Meetings, Contact Information and more.
Putnam County Development Authority
Putnam County West Virginia is a remarkable economic success story. The County has experienced almost an 8% population increase over the last decade. This impressive achievement ranks it one of the fastest growing counties in the state. In Putnam County, there is an excellent mix of manufacturing, service, and retail establishments, providing stability to the area’s economy.
Advantage Valley
Advantage Valley lies in the heart of the eastern United States — and encompasses a population base of roughly 650,000 people in two Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA): Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, and Lawrence County, OH . This multi-county region has opportunities for businesses of many sizes from Fortune 100 companies to middle manufacturers to small businesses to start-up enterprises.
Charleston Area Alliance
With more than 600 members representing 40,000 employees, the Charleston Area Alliance is a multi-faceted economic, business and community development organization, as well the largest regional Chamber of Commerce in West Virginia. The Alliance works to attract new jobs and investments, helps businesses accelerate profitability, launches visionary community and cultural enhancements and develops the talent and resources that promote success and opportunity for all. Through these innovative programs, services and policy leadership, the Alliance and its members are driving the destiny of our region. Learn more about our efforts below.
West Virginia Development Office
The West Virginia Department of Commerce was established in its present form in the 2005 Special Session of the West Virginia Legislature (SB 1002).

Previously, the office had been called the Bureau of Commerce. The 2005 reorganization renamed the office, consolidated additional agencies under the department, and created the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Commerce, who is the chief executive officer of the department.

West Virginia University College of Business & Economics
Since the 1940s, the BBER’s mission has been to serve the people of West Virginia by providing the state’s business and policymaking communities with reliable data and rigorous applied economic research and analysis that enables the state’s leaders to design better business practices and public policies. BBER research is disseminated through policy reports and briefs, through large public forums, and through traditional academic outlets. BBER researchers are widely quoted for their insightful research in state and regional news media. The BBER’s research and education/outreach efforts to public- and private-sector leaders are typically sponsored by various government and private-sector organizations.